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Lavochkin La-5 FN (La-7)

All my work started with ESM La-7 which I converted into La-5 FN. So I made new air intake and oil cooler. These two parts are coming soon.

I wanted to have some better semi scale warbirds, so I made a new canopy and fibreglass sliding canopy frame set

When I was finishing my La-5 FN, found out that the other big problem is scale spinner. I found some good drawing and drew a 3D model of the spinner. Other steps where metal mold and now I can make a composite spinners with aluminium back plates. No problem to make uncut or precut for 2-blades or 3-blades prop.

During the last take off I damaged the fuselage, so now I´m working on the new one. I will use the same parts- sliding canopy, cowl for La-5FN with oil cooler.

I found some La-5 FN shots with fixed tail wheel and I thought about it because this would be a way how to save some weight. But these shost are La-FN of 1st Czechoslovak wing, which operated during Fall 1944 in Slovakia, but the mine will be from Spring- Summer 1944 in Poland. So I will again use a retractable tail wheel. I´ve already fixed a mountig for it and made some small progress on the tip.