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Exhaust stubs and dummy engine

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Exhaust stubs set for some warbirds. All parts in this section are cast resin models. 

Exhaust stubs set for 1/5 scale Spitfire. Good for 30cc H9 Spitfire ESM 50cc, TopRC, or BT 83" Spitfire.




Exhaust stubs set for 1/4 scale Spitfire. Designed for Carf, Mick Reeves, CY models, Comp and other similar size models.




Exhaust stubs set for 1/5 scale P-51 Mustang and Spitfire with round sutbs. Will work with 83" BT Spitfire, 30cc H9 Spitfire, 60cc H9 P-51 Mustang, Top RC models, TF Mustang. Some guys put this set on Ziroli´s P-51 and 1/5 scale P-40B.


Fibreglass shrouds for P-51 Mustang cowl will work with 1/5 scale P-51 exhaust set. It is easy to cut marked holes.      





Exhaust stubs set for 1/6 scale P-51 Mustang and Spitfire with round sutbs. Perfect for ESM P-51 Mutangs and Spitfire Mk XIV, TopRC Spitfire, FMS Mustang



Exhaust stubs set for 1/5 scale Bf-109, FW-109D, Ju-87. This set I made for ESM 50cc Bf-109 and FW.190, Fliteskin Bf-109, Dave Platt´s Bf-109, Meister Scale Bf-109 and Ziroli´s Ju-87 Stuka.




Exhaust stubs set for 1/6-1/7 scale Bf-109, FW-109D, Ju-87, Bf-110. Suitable for ESM 73" Bf-109E, ESM Ju-87 Stuka, CMP Bf-109 and Brian Taylor Bf-109.




Exhaust stubs set for 1/5 scale P-40 Warhawk.  Designed for Top Flite Giant P-40 Warhawk, ESM 50cc Warhawk. Some of my this set you can find on Ziroli´s P-40.




Exhaust stubs set for 1/6- 1/7 scale P-40 Warhawk. Designed for Top Flite (64in/ 1624mm WS) P-40 Warhawk.    



Cast resin dummy radial engine 145mm (5.7")