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Cockpit accessories

Our gunsights will work with following warbirds

1/5 scale Spitfires Mk IX and Mk XIV (ESM, TopRC,Brian Taylor)

1/5 scale P-51 Mustang (Top Flite, TopRC,Dave Platt, H9, Meister Scale)

1/6-1/5 scale P-47 Thunderbolt (Giant Top Flite, H9)

1/5-1/6 scale F4U Corsair (ESM, Top Flite)

1/5-1/6 scale F6F Hellcat (Jerry Bates, Top Flite)

1/5 scale Hawker Sea Fury (Jerry Bates)

1/5 scale Hawker Tempest (Vailly Aviation, Jerry Bates)

1/5 scale Bf-109 G-K (Meister Scale, Dave Platt, Fliteskin, ESM)

1/5 scale FW-190 (Top Flite, ESM, Dave Platt)

1/5 scale P-40E Warhawk (Top Flite, Ziroli plans, Jerry Bates)

1/5- 1/6 scale Bf-109E,F, Ju-87 Stuka (Fliteskin, Dave Platt, Aeronautica, Ziroli plans)


Gunsights family 



Rear mirror for 1/5 scale Spitfires and Thunderbolts Razorback



Instrument panels

Instrument panels for 1/5 scale P-51 Mustang and 1/6 scale F4U Corsair



P-51D radio equipment

The Mustang radio equipment comes as clear set or ready made.



Spitfire voltage regulator  

Voltage regulator for 1/5 scale Spitfire comes as ready made, assembled and ready made.